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Charter Service

Tropic Thunder Tours is proud to offer charter services to our customers. Charter services make both door-to-door and beach-to-beach flights a convenient and easy option for voyage to your destination in style and comfort. And hey, let’s not forget the view!

Puerto Rico and the Caribbean offer a feast for your eyes and there is no better way to enjoy it than from the sky! Skip the lines and the unnecessary traffic. Whether it be to your home, your office, your resort, a special occasion, or even a day trip over to one of the islands, we can get you there stress-free and ready to relax. Our flexible departure/arrival times and locations allow you to be in charge of your own schedule.


If you're interested in taking a private helicopter tour, please click the SCHEDULE TOUR tab. For custom pick-ups, drop-offs, weekend rendezvous, airport transfers, special occasions (ie. weddings, concerts, graduations) or simply a fun "air taxi", please provide the following information for your charter quote:

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You will be contacted promptly by a Tropic Thunder team member with information and pricing on your specific request.

We appreciate your interest in chartering with Tropic Thunder!